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It’s all about the image….

My name is Nick Twinney and I’m a photographer.

And whether I’m working on a magazine shoot, capturing a wedding, lighting a portrait, or caught up in an inner city riot - it’s all about the image.

I’m a perfectionist in pursuit of that image: patient, persistent, professional, determined – and even, if called for, charming on occasion. In short: I do whatever is required to get the photograph that I want and which you, the client, deserve.

When I hand over the commission, I want brides to relive their most special moments; media art directors to say “Wow!”; commercial clients to immediately recognise the benefits that I bring to their brand – and portrait clients to think, “Actually, I’m a bit of alright”.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s developing a photographic library for a corporate client, completing an assignment for the national media – or simply becoming one of the family when working with my wedding and portrait clients…it’s all about the image.



My passion is my profession… 

I wake up every morning and thank my lucky stars. Whilst I make my living, full-time, from photography, I consider it to be a creative journey, rather than simply a career path; for that reason alone, I love what I do.  That journey has inspired me from the outset and continues to do so. Doing what you love, what you feel passionate about, makes life easier.  And I consider it a privilege that my passion is also my profession.

It started years ago.  My cousin, who is also my best friend, was good-looking, cool, and a highly-talented artist.  He still is.  I, on the other hand, was none of those things and, in particular, I always envied him his ability to draw.  We shared a fascination with the people who, and landscape which, surrounded us.  But, lacking any ability with a paintbrush or pencil, I felt frustrated as to how to give vent to my desire to create and interpret.   My mother suggested photography.  She gave me a camera for Christmas and, when I presented her with my early snaps, she always examined them closely and told me that she could tell my mood, just by looking at each photograph.  She said it was as if I was present in every image – whether it was of a sunny cove, a lowering sky, or our neighbours chatting on the doorstep.  She was delighted that I had found my creative outlet.  And so was I.  Nick Twinney the photographer was born. 

I have not always made my living this way.  I have served in the armed forces and the police force, although my camera was never far away, and photography remained my passion.  Both professions taught me the importance of striving to look beneath the surface, of finding empathy and seeking understanding.   And as that ability to understand and appreciate developed, so it began to be reflected in, and to enrich, my photography.  I have no doubt that is why my photographs are usually people-centric.  Whether news or wedding, portrait or product, I always look with open eyes and open mind; working to show the subject as they themselves would want to be seen, with honesty and integrity, but also in the best possible light.

Predominantly, I work as a photographer in Swansea, London and Bristol, but I also cover the whole of the UK and abroad.  I’ve photographed weddings at The Gherkin building, in the heart of London’s financial district, undertaken magazine assignments on the remote island of Colonsay, and covered major news events in the heart of rural England.  No two commissions or days are the same – and I have come to expect the unexpected.   News doesn’t just happen in London and all weddings aren’t held in quaint country churches. There is no repetition, no-run-of-the-mill.  My professional life affords me fresh creative challenges daily.  Every situation, every subject, every image is unique. 


We need to talk…

It’s as simple as that. You need confidence in me and I need to find out exactly what you want, so that I can explain to you the possibilities.  In order to achieve that, I don’t limit our relationship to just one meeting before a wedding or assignment. Over the years, I have grown used to getting to the heart of the client’s expectations and needs.  Together, we will put in the work that avoids disappointment. Preparation is, of course, key, whether it be building a relationship with the people involved, discussing what to wear for a portrait shoot, or doing a pre-shoot to get rid of any understandable nerves about having your photograph taken.  Together, we will make the most common problems disappear before they occur.  And my experience allows me to anticipate and avoid the less common ones, and to ensure both the event and outcome are everything you hope for.


So, if you are looking for a photographer in Swansea, Bristol, London, the UK or abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Telephone: 07528 911578

Email: images4stock@gmail.com

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